The information contained within and on the physical signs at the Aintree Walk of Honour has been substantially compiled from historically reliable information in the public domain. We have relied heavily upon the accuracy of these sources of information in our work. In some cases researched information has been directly included and in other cases the researched information has been re-worded for context, with considerable effort being taken not to distort any facts nor re-write history. Source referencing has remained general (eg. Australian War Memorial) due to space and formatting constraints. Whilst we cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies within the sources upon which we have relied, in the interests of transparency we welcome the submission of any verified corrections to historic information that we have included.
Veteran name inclusions on both the physical plaques at the Walk and the digital roll have been compiled with the assistance of local history groups and RSL’s. Whilst best endeavours have been applied to this exacting research task, it is conceded that eligible local veterans may have been inadvertently missed. Whilst space is limited on the physical Walk, the digital roll enables us to continue to honour eligible veterans. The ongoing submission of names and service details to our Walk of Honour custodians is encouraged, via